How to get here

We provides a pick-up service from Nong Khai to Ban Thin Dung village, where you will be staying. There are many transportations methods to reach Nong Khai, so choose the method you most prefer.

Pick up

Trains --From Hualampong train station in central Bangkok you can easily find a train going to Nongkhai. From the airport in Bangkok you can catch a taxi or bus to the train station. Every evening two trains leave Bangkok for Nongkhai, one around 7 P.M. and another around 8:30 P.M. There is also one morning train. The night trains are usually the most popular. They are quite nice and safe, plus most people manage to sleep fairly well on them. The price is between 400 and 600 bath. The train to Nongkhai is the Northeastern line. For schedules and prices you can check this website:

Busses --Many busses from different companies drive daily from Bangkok to Nongkhai. There are busses during the day and during the night. It will take about 8-10 hours. We recommend going by bus because it is faster than the train and it will be a smoother trip. It prices vary between 400 baht and 600 baht. If you would like to take a direct bus to Phonphisai, where our project is, it is also possible, you can go to the bus company called "Air Udon" in Mo Chit bus station (Nothern Bus Terminal) 2nd floor.

Flights --There are daily flights between Bangkok and Udon Thani several times a day. Right now Thai Airways and Air Asia are the two main airlines flying to Udon Thani. The flight takes 45 minutes. At the airport you can find vans that go directly to Nonghkai. Many budget airlines have started offering cheap flights to Udon Thani. Look for flights to and within Thailand at