Our staff

Jack Jack Panasri - 31 years old

The founder and manager of the Isan Survivor project, he is the only person in the village who can speak English well, with many years of experience working with international volunteer organizations. He started this project with the hope of showing the authentic, true Isan cultures to tourists and volunteers alike.

Email: info@isan-survivor.org - hijackplum@hotmail.com

Patricia Patricia Boogaard - 26 years old

Volunteer coordinator. After finishing her studies as an Interior Architect in Holland, she decided to travel trough South-East Asia. Coming into contact with Isan Survivor, she ended up teaching for one year. After that she wanted to do more for the organization and make a bigger contribution to the community. She has a lot of experience with teaching at local schools and with the Thai culture. She will give you an orientation in the Thai culture and makes you feel at home.

Email: info@isan-survivor.org - patriciab_@hotmail.com

Aiw Apissara Apaiprom, Aiew - 32 years old

A primary English teacher at Pak Suay School, she graduated from Rajabat University in Udonthani in Teaching. She teaches together with our volunteers and also loves to teache Thai language and traditional Thai cooking.

Ning Ratree Phaengsarn, Ning

She is also one of the teachers we work with. Ning teaches at a school far into the country side of Phonphisai. She is still studying for her Master Degree at Rajabat University in Udonthani. She is a beautiful Thai dancer and she loves to teach volunteers some Thai dancing too.

Joy Chulawan Jaycee Chaibhibarn, Joy - 27 years old

She is a very dedicated teacher at a primary school in the rural area of Phonphisai. She a funny and enthusiatic woman, who knows how to make the volunteers feel comfortable in front of the classroom. Besides teaching she takes the volunteers on trips around the area of her school.

Boonsom Boonsom Panasri - 55 years old. Boonsom is Jack’s mother. She has lived in Phonphisai her whole life. Her house is a big Isan style house with plenty of rooms so all volunteers stay with her family. She is a very good mom and takes care of volunteers as her own children. Apart from running the house, she organizes social activities for women of the town to do voluntary work in the community