Volunteer Stories

David David Probert
  "Almost everyone made an impression on me and the hospitality shown by Jack and his family was beyond expectations..."
Jackie Jeannine Grasmeijer
  "My time at Isan Survivor is one of the most special times of my life. "
Broniya Broniya Rogoz
  "This experience was exciting, unique and full with learning moments, it's something that I wouldn’t want to have missed! "
Barbara Barbara Spreng
  "Thailand is truly amazing. Friendly people, stunning scenery, gorgeous food, people who are genuinely happy to have you as a volunteer"
Meggie Meggie Saleh
  "I came here with a lot of enthusiasm, and I left the place with a family and unforgettable memories."
Philip Philip Lee
  "..Jack’s mum, one of the most gracious lady I have met in my life. Courteous, friendly and she single-handedly took care of our daily needs, such as breakfast, laundry and keeping the premises clean and tidy."
Lisa Lisa Hoffmann
  "The energy there was nothing short of pure optimism. At that moment I knew I had found that ever elusive “something” that I had been searching for."
Jennifer Jennifer Kettles
  "...I learned not only a lot about my students and the Isan culture, but also a lot about myself."
Diana Diana van der Tuuk
  "Nothing and nobody could have prepared me for what I experienced and the feeling that I had when I left."
Jeroen Jeroen Fierens
  "....I let many tears when it was time to leave Phonphisai."
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